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Daniel Ross performs acoustic, electric, and bottleneck slide guitars, banjo, mandolin, bass, drums, spoons, jug, suitcase, piano, organ, and bg vocals throughout the record.
1. No Call For Settlin’ Down- vocal: Daniel Ross. Fiddle: Andrea Lewis. 2nd vocal: Ted Hall

2. Roll Me West- vocal: Ted Hall. Bass: Ralph Morris. Drums: Dean Richards.

3. Red-eye Line- vocal: Tom Saunders. Tenor sax: Ted Hall. Drums: Dean Richards.

4. Pushin’ Steam- vocal: Michael Roberds. Harmonica: Ted Hall.

5. Faith In Your Train- vocal: Ea Birkett. Fiddle: Andrea Lewis. Squeezebox: Ted Hall. Guitar: Nicole Saumier. Bass: Dianne Saumier. Bg vocals: Laura Doyle.

6. Prosperity Bound- vocal: Tom Saunders. Fiddle: Mike Sanyshyn. Bg vocals: Ted Hall, Tom Saunders.

7. Southbound Train- vocal: Daniel Ross. Guitars, harmonica, bg vocals, spoons: Ted Hall.

8. Snowplower’s Blues- vocal: Les Ford. Soft shoe: Daniel Ross.
9. Long Train- vocal: Daniel Ross. Bass: Bernie Addington. Fiddle: Mike Sanyshyn. Harmonica: Al Sutton. Bg vocals: Karen Baumgartel, Ea Birkett, Ted Hall, Tom Saunders, Ralph Morris, Digger Folden.

10. Hundred Man Crew- vocal: Ralph Morris. Harmonica: Ted Hall. Bg vocals: Michael Roberds, Tom Saunders.

11. Life Of The Lonesome Rail- vocal, guitars, piano, bass, organ, drums: Daniel Ross.

12. Caboose Jam- vocal: Annabear. Guitars: Maclean Low, Ted Hall. Whistlin’, jugs: Ted Hall, Tom Saunders.

13. End Of The Steel- vocal: Daniel Ross. guitar: Maclean Low. Improv vocal: Laura Doyle. Slide guitars: Les Ford, Daniel Ross. Bg vocals: Laura Doyle, Nicole Saumier.

14. Ghost Train- vocal: Ted Hall. Bowed bass: Bernie Addington. Harmonica, Squeezebox: Ted Hall.

15. Horizon- vocal: Daniel Ross. Slide guitar: Les Ford. Guitar: Ted Hall. Bg vocals: Ea Birkett, Ted Hall.