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Ghost Train (vocal by Ted Hall)
Daniel Ross (SOCAN 2000)

What does a ghost feel when he's ridin the rails? Forever runnin' down a hellacious line
With no way to rewrite the tale
A car of lost souls to keep him company
Tunnel after tunnel in the black
Barreling through every solitary station
Children wave but he can't wave back
From a ghost train, he rides a ghost train

First time I saw that train comin' down the line
Felt a chill run from the top of my spine
Down to my shoes
I was frozen right there I couldn't move
Was it a ghost train? Must be a ghost train

I know It's hard to believe, but I swear I tell you true There's a ghost train runnin' It could be comin' for you

Now I've heard many stories
‘Bout an engineer who snoozed
They say "slept through hour seven, a collision ensued" I tell ya true, there was a death toll of 102
That's how the "C" train, became the Ghost Train

Now if you come down to this station
On a moonlit prairie night
You might just see the Ghost Train
If the stars are set just right
You’ll feel the whistle echo off the bottom of your soul And you’ll know that it’s that engineer
With a heart as black as coal
On his ghost train, he rides a ghost train