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No Call For Settlin’ Down (vocal: Daniel Ross)
Daniel Ross (SOCAN 2000)

Well we work where we can
Any job, handy men
We're the Frank Joe and Jack of all trades
Times may be tougher
But we got each other
We got no call for settlin' down
Now there's a house on the hill
Made of hundred dollar bills
Where the rich folk eat steak and iced cream
While down by the river
There's a camp full of drifters
With no call for settlin' down

Ridin' the rails to Prince Rupert town
Chasin' our destiny down
Me and my buddies
We got a bottle and some grubbies
We got no call for settlin' down

"Jobless men keep on going
we can't take care of our ow
Reads a sign on the outskirts of town
The bulls they'll be hidin'
We'd best keep on ridin'
We got no call for settlin' down

The love that we're pinin'
Is a vision, she's shinin'
Though we lie with an ache in our souls
But we're shook from our dreamin'
When the brakes get to squeelin'
We got no call for settlin' down
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