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Snowplower's Blues MP3
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SNOWPLOWER'S BLUES (vocal by Les Ford)
Daniel Ross (SOCAN 2000)

Workin’ this engine through six foot of snow
I got a half day behind, I got a half day to go
Got a half a cup of bean
And I’m slicin’ through a blanket of white
They tell me this is dangerous
I’d have to say they’re right

When it gets a bit icey
I’m dreamin’ of the summer sun
It might get a bit dicey,
I’m still pushin’ snow by the ton
There’ll be five crews behind me
And five freight trains to run

I’m a snowplowin’ man
That is the life I lead
I don’t make the weather
It’s been decreed
Say a prayer for me
I’ll come home to you
I’m a snowplowin’ man
That is what I do

I’m a snowplowin’ man
That’s what I do
Everybody knows the train’s got to get through
Say a prayer for me, I’ll come home to you